Leisa Peterson Founder, WealthClinic

Leisa Peterson, MBA, CFP® is a wealth coach and the founder of WealthClinic, a global community that helps people improve their relationship with money through online interactive workshops and retreats. WealthClinic shows you how to use mindfulness practices to identify, then break free of limiting money behaviors. So you live with less stress, greater empowerment when it comes to money, and more financial abundance. Before founding WealthClinic, Leisa spent 22 years in executive roles for some of the largest financial institutions in the United States. In 1999, she used meditation to assist in the healing process from a horrific family tragedy and that led into teaching mindfulness classes and workshops since 2003. Leisa blogs about money and mindfulness for the Huffington Post and lives in the Sierra Nevada mountains with her husband Tim and two children, Zoe and Aidan.