Pitch Contest

Future of Digital Pitch Contest

Wednesday, May 13: 1:00 - 5:00 PM

The Westchester Digital Summit future of digital Contest gives innovators from around the globe the opportunity to hone their presentation skills, build confidence and present their ideas in 2 mins. or less to the audience for the opportunity to win acceptance in to the Westchester County Association‘s BLUEPRINT Accelerator Network.

The pitch is a brief overview of an idea for a product, service, or project that can be delivered in a succinct and articulate manner. If executed properly, the pitch will leave the audience excited and wanting more. Potential Investors

The essential elements include:

  1. An introduction – Who are you?
  2. Hook – What is the problem / opportunity?
  3. Solution – What are you doing about it?
  4. Value proposition – How does this create value for the target?
  5. Call to action – Can we meet again?

Get Involved

  1. Fill out the sign up form
  2. Pitches will be delivered in a random order determined the day of the event. If you miss your assigned slot, you may not be permitted to present.
  3. Pitches are limited to 2 mins and contestants will be promptly cut off.
  4. No props or visual aids of any kind are allowed during the presentation
  5. Decisions of the judges are final and may not be appealed.
  6. One Overall Winner and an Audience Favorite will be chosen


Pitches will be evaluated on four categories of equal importance:

  1. Presentation
    • Body Language
    • Charisma, Clarity
    • Articulation
    • Passion
  2. Opportunity
    • Market identification
    • Size and attractiveness
    • Target customer identification
  3. Solution
    • Value proposition
    • Differentiation
    • Financial viability
    • Profitability
  4. The Big Question
    • Do you want another meeting?

Meetings with Mentors

Meetings with Mentors are for companies selected for the Pitch-off and for event attendees. These 15 min. 1 on 1 talks will be held on the day of the event. Come equipped with pain points and difficult questions and our mentors will use their experience and knowledge to help you navigate them to the best of their abilities.


We will have  judges selected by conference producers judging on the above criteria. Winners will be accepted in to the Westchester County Association’s Blueprint Accelerator Network helping early-stage companies transform in to the business giants of tomorrow.