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Q&A with Maverick Marketer Jeffrey Hayzlett: “My advice to marketers: don’t screw it up.”

The globally renowned business juggernaut talks candidly (as he always does) about digital marketing, social media and the future of our industry. Written by, Jacqueline Lisk President & Founder JR Lisk, Inc.: The Content Creation and Strategy Specialists Jeffrey Hayzlett is known for his decisive, no-nonsense approach to business growth, and when we got the […]

Your Smartphone is Killing Your Productivity

By being too available after working hours, we are becoming less effective during the work day. In an ideal situation, we would use our smartphones to complete work during time that would normally be wasted, making us more productive in the time that we have. But new research shows that the smartphone use at night makes it difficult […]

Is Native Advertising Scalable?

There’s been a lot of discussion about native advertising lately, and an irrefutable rise in its adoption—by brands and publishers alike.  But there’ve also been some misnomers—some debate about what qualifies as native, and if it’s scalable. Two of digital media’s fastest-growing trends, programmatic and native advertising, seem, at least on some level, contradictory—depending on […]