• Westchester Digital Summit - May 12, 2016

Westchester Digital Summit 2015 Speakers and Content

Opening Keynote: Running the Gauntlet

Jeffrey Hayzlett’s Running The Gauntlet is a rough-and-tumble guide for running and driving change through the business gauntlet. In this keynote, Hayzlett addresses what every business leader must face: Getting Ready, Getting Going, and Creating and Sustaining Momentum.

Closing Keynote: Why it Pays to be Likeable

Dave Kerpen, the Co-Founder and CEO of Likeable Media talks about 7 simple social concepts to drive business results. From listening to storytelling, and advertising smarter to providing value, Dave will teach and inspire the audience about the new rules of social media.

May 14: Panel Discussions

What Makes Good Content?

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Multi Channel Marketing Playbook


Seeing is Believing, the Power of Visual Content

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David Berkowitz

Game-Changing Digital Strategies in Sustainability - Sponsored by Entergy

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The Rise of Mobile in Social/Digital Strategy

The personal computers that live in our pockets have digitized information and allowed us all to connect with anyone, anywhere. As a brand, you want to successfully connect mobile and social to reach audiences at the core of their digital usage.


Break Out Sessions

The Evolution of Social Media: From Facebook Posts to Viral Hacking

Social Media changes daily. What worked in 2012 is ineffective today. Join Silverback Social CEO Chris Dessi as he goes through the evolution of social media, arriving at where we are today. The concepts discussed will give you actionable items. These items once implemented will drive your brand towards their social media goals and keep you ahead of the competition.

Creating Your Thought Leadership Strategy

Positioning individuals within your company as industry thought leaders is imperative to building an authentic relationship with your audience. But, where do you start? Come to this workshop to hear directly from Influence & Co. President John Hall, on how to identify who at your company should be a thought leader, the keys to developing and publishing content from them, and how your organization can leverage this asset to accomplish your business objectives.

Defining Your Brand and Audience Need

Today’s brands have a wealth of social media tools at their disposal to potentially reach anyone, anywhere, and any time. Which ones should you use, and what should you do with them? The answer lies in determining what makes your brand unique and appealing to your target audience.
We’ll discuss how to answer these critical questions by defining: 

  • Where is the white space for your brand in the market?
  • What can you offer to fill that white space and unmet need?
  • Who is your target audience? (Hint: it’s not “everyone from age 18-55”). Who really needs this?
  • What motivates your target audience?
  • Pleasure points vs. Pain points.
  • The impact of your audience’s emotional motivators, income levels, and overall lifestyle.

A Layer Deeper Than Digital

The internet and Social media give you all the tools to take your business and personal brand to new heights. This is the discussion you’ve been waiting for to move past whatever is holding you back and get focused on utilizing these tools to create exactly what you want.

During this session, we’ll keep the ideas flowing so that you can:

  • Discover greater clarity about what you really want — for your business, your brand and beyond.
  • Tap into your well-spring of creativity so you are making a much bigger impact as a publisher and educator, and
  • Be inspired by the potential of opportunities awaiting you

You’ll leave with a plan of action for bringing greater levels of creativity to all aspects of your life.

Go and Smell the Roses… With us!

Brad Wilson, CMO of Travelocity,  discusses how his brand regained its relevance with customers — reinvigorating the brand through its unique branded integration model to achieve record hotel bookings growth, top-of-class brand equity and category-leading social engagement.

This presentation will cover the background and implementation of Travelocity’s wildly popular “Go and Smell the Roses Campaign”.

Your Actionable Digital Growth Playbook

Learn specific steps you can take to immediately develop your organization’s digital growth playbook. This talk is for business owners who need to develop their digital presence from scratch OR those who may have some elements in place but need guidance on tying it all together.

Leave with confidence that you can accomplish your growth goals using smart digital marketing strategies that work in today’s environment.

We Generation - We Can Make a Difference

It is not just a generation of me, but a generation of we. When harnessed properly, smart devices, technology and broadband media access can combine to create innovation. Join Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist Chris Hansen and entrepreneur John Guydon on a journey covering the newest trends.  Learn how this relationship can raise awareness and foster a dialogue in order to create safer and more efficient communities across the globe for our future.

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Me, Myself, and I: Data, Analytics, and the Path to Personalization

True, one-on-one customer engagement is the goal of every marketer – a goal that, until now, has been maddeningly elusive.  At long last, a customized and unique customer experience is now within reach.  This panel unites the data-management and analytics expertise of Adobe, NBC and Epsilon to discuss how to provide a personalized omni-channel message and experience to your customers, and consequently increase brand loyalty and engagement.

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